Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance accepting their Revolver Golden Gods Award for Dimebag Darrel Best Guitarists (x)

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How come you are not freaking out! avenged sevenfuckingfold tomorrow! snap out of it!

I’m in the Zone…


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Tell Synester Gates he is a beautiful person. From Morgan please. :D

Sure thing Morgan! You think they will let me take a megaphone so I can yell that across the stadium?

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But you do check it out don't you? You reblogged an anon once?


No time for that! I check the A7X/Avenged Sevenfold tag I have followers that follow too. They tag, like any other fan. :o)

Just not my thing… -Lorelei

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I get creative every now and then- lol

If you guys take your time to write to me, then I should do the same! :) -Lorelei

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u should check it out!

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people sort of look up to u but im curious what do you think about avengedopinions blog?

Not my thing….

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yo, you're so lucky to get to see avenged sevenfold!! i live in the uk and they've never played near me so i've never seen them, and i can't go to download to see them this year. meep. :(

You will someday! You’ll see!

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OMG! You are going to see 7x tomorrow? Quick! Go find avenged sevenfold and tell them i love them

Sure. Let me get right one that!

You’re gonna be waiting a while so I suggest get comfy lol -Lorelei

PS aww you know something? I can’t! I don’t have your name… Sorry  :P

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Proud Member signs for Vic and Nicole. -Lorelei

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Von Braun Center, Huntsville, AL. Synyster Gates was AMAZING as usual 4-23-2014

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Do you listen to other bands besides Avenged Sevenfold? Like Linkin park or any others?

Yes. I listen to a lot of rock, modern rock and metal. Classic rock too. I grew up with Guns n Roses and Metallica :-) Listing the bands I don’t like would be shorter! 👍

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Johnny :( So sad for him

Johnny Christ doesn’t need an award to know he is loved and a great! ❤️

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A7X winning Most Dedicated Fans. This one is for US!

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