i've recently become a fan of a7x (not sure why i ignored them before!). and may i just say that, your page is absolutely hilarious :'D

Why thank you! Glad you found A7X and you found us! :-) -Lorelei

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Happy Easter from A7X Memes!
If you don’t choose to celebrate Easter, have a happy day! :-)
-Alexis Mariah

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i'm sorry to hear that! i was voting for you as much as i could! there's still hope that you won and i'm holding my fingers crossed for you! miracles do happen!:) because A7X makes miracles!;) i know it, because it happened to me once!:) somehow i got my ''barbie'' friend to listen to A7X! back then she didn't tolerate anything that was considered rock, she only listened to paris hilton and shit like that! now she's obsessed with Hail to the King and This Means War!:) so miracles do happen!;):)

*This anon* aww!

Your friend made a great decision to crossover. Spread the wisdom anon!

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Winnipeg, we had an amazing time tonight.
We are sorry it took us so long to come back. Hope it was worth the wait!

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Isn’t the original one a lot better?

Once again, YOU CAN TAKE our memes and share them as you wish! In whichever platform you wish to do so. I do not seek to be credited, however please DO NOT add tags with your name on it. This does not only make you unkind. This makes you look unoriginal. For more information on our blog rules, please read our welcome page. Thank you! -Lorelei

For the 3rd time,, stop re-editing memes!

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you know you're obsessed with A7X when you're watching a movie with women in prison. 2 are thrown in solitary confinement and can't take it and you're like I would totally be fine with there so I could dream about syn all day.

hahaha! OMG! You are obsessed!
You should have a t-shirt made that says:

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"You guys cannot see it now but I promise you, you are being used and put against each other like a pack of mad dogs for the amusement of others. It is not your opinion what they seek. It’s entertainment, and you are the unfortunate clown" -Best fucking description EVER! YOU FUCKING ROCK!



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i think the worst thing that happend to me thats a7x related that happend to me a few days ago i was sitting in class doing my work and my teacher comes over and shes like i would like to ask you if you would throw your folder away im like excuse me what she said well you have I love Johnny Christ and We all hail Johnny Christ written all over it it has to do with religion i told her he is part of a heavy metal band its not religion she got pissed told me its the devils music i still am pisse


Sometimes people don’t understand what they are not willing to listen to :-)
She is however an adult. I would have said, “how about if I just put it away?”, just because of that.

Learn how to win your arguments with intelligence and not anger. If it would have been religion, always remember their beliefs should not impeach you. If a person is not a Christian and is sitting at the same table as you, and you wish to pray, no one cant tell you you cannot pray at that table. Just say, “excuse me, I have to pray”, and do so. You are not forcing anyone to believe in anything. You are simply practicing your freedom. I believe that some people don’t know how that works and say stupid things.

Your teacher was wrong, but she is still the adult. Putting it away would have been a compromise between both. :-) -Lorelei

PS My mom loves A7X. She hates their upside-down cross flag and refuses to go to the show because of that. That’s an argument I know I cannot win with her lol ;)


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Do you have any cool pics of The Rev? He was my favourite and I can't find any to show people how snagging be was.

There is a great page SULLIVAN0. She posts great photos of the rev as well as edits. Make sure you always credit her on her edits :-) I hope that helps! -Lorelei

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even if the anon did mis-edit the gun quote this gun girl or someone still wrote "Michelle could get her eyes stabbed out simple as that.. Dont start shit with ppl you dont know!"

Anger and hatred should not be the answer. By responding angrily against someone or something will not change them or what happened, but perhaps by trying to understand.

Clearly someone misquoted the poor thing. She might have her problems too. Often people say very horrible things and later realize it. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. You never know.

It is the responsibility of the blog’s owner to take control over the situation and that failed. Stay away from pages that promote hate and this kind of behavior. You guys cannot see it now but I promise you, you are being used and put against each other like a pack of mad dogs for the amusement of others.  It is not your opinion what they seek. It’s entertainment, and you are the unfortunate clown. I really hope the blog owner re-thinks her/his platform and sees what is going on around her space in cyber world.

Don’t let others manipulate you like that. It doesn’t do you any good anon.

Enjoy the music and each other- Lorelei


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Hey! My name is Dolores and Its my birthday today (18). I was wondering if i could get a meme of Synyster Gates! Please and thank you! (:

I wish YOU a Happy 18th Birthday Dolores! -Lorelei

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I was hoping you did, I was voting everyday for you :) you deserve it :D but I'm very happy for you that you're still going to two shows :D will you post photos??

I sure will! I will post pictures of the entire day! I am actually going to three shows! Although we won’t know who won until Monday, I really don’t think we did because some people took it very seriously. lol Thank you so much for the effort and for your kindness! -Lorelei


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I was just clearing what that damn idiot said. That anon is going to pages editing what I said, to make me seen like I'm saying that about Synyster wife when I wasn't even talking about her.


That is very bad!

Stay away from conflict anon. It is clear what is going on. Stay away from them! They are not worth your time. Good luck! -Lorelei


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Did you won the contest?:) i hope you did!:)

I believe I did not :-) It was still cool to participate! I am going to two shows this week! It will be… awesome!

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I was the one who said that, and I didn't say that, that anon edited it. Because I wasn't even talking about Syn wife. I was replying to an anon asking me why I have a knife if I have anger problems, and that I'm trying to look like a badass. And I told her the if she lived where I live she would know why I carry a knife and why I feel secure with it, and that I don't have a gun because I don't have money. That EVEN WITH ANGER PROBLEMS i KNOW WHAT I'M DOING AND KNOW WHEN YO USE IT. Look it up.


The message was not directed towards you. I do not wish to re-search your post. Thank you.

Try seeking some help for your anger problem.Stay away from trouble!-Lorelei

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