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Wedgie much?

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I don't see Avenged as number 4 on billboard 200 as previously said. Am I blind?

Are you talking about the projections? Billboard charts are updated weekly, on Thursday mornings by noon Eastern Standard Time. Waking the Fallen was released on the 26th. Not a week yet. If someone can answer this better, don’t hesitate! 😉

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What do you thing about avengedgroupiesx on tumblr? Someone claiming to be Matts mistress.

What I think is irrelevant! What they think about themselves its another thing. ~Lorelei

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Hi! Can i ask where it was stated that matt didn't want pictures of River released?

I don’t know, do you know? That’s why I said it was sent to the proper people, so they can look at it and determine that. You will know when the blog gets deleted, the photo gets removed (you might want to search “River Sanders” and see that big C removed photo) or the blog disappears without a warning like it happened to ladiesofa7x and e7f.

In my country there’s a saying that goes “mas vale precaver que tener que remediar” which means you can minimize a problem by taking a small corrective action and being cautious. You make that decision whether what you are doing is right or wrong based on your values. Your decision should be respected, however ignorance does not absolve you from consequences to your actions.

Good luck! ❤️~Lorelei

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Please, please please report the people posting the river photos. This pages need to go down too!

They have been pointed at to the right people. Both Instagram accounts and some tumblr pages. They can decide how to go about that and if it’s wrong in anyway.

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Don’t worry and don’t go hating on them. It gives them more unwanted attention.

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No more señorita nice!

Sometimes I wonder if all this people who throw tantrums about Avenged Sevenfold not doing what they want, supposedly not meeting any fans and allegedly not doing anything nice for the fans are really thinking…

Because if I don’t like a piece of cake I just stop eating it! I don’t keep eating it so I can bitch about how bad it is while I’m making my ass fat!

Friendly reminder, Avenged Sevenfold gave us not one but TWO free shows. One of them was also streamed, LIVE! How many metal bands do this? Avenged Sevenfold gave you an awesome exuberant tour filled with fireballs that could melt your eyelids off, lights that could blind you, a giant statue of the devil himself, and had multiple, different stages depending on if they could fly that giant thing across the shark infested waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Avenged Sevenfold invited fans to a public interview under the fucking melting sun for you. Let us not forget the hundreds of photos with Brazilian fans, outside hotels and restaurants, while they still had a little bit of meat between their teeth. Who can forget the photos of M Shadows trying to enjoy his time off on the beach when the guy stopped with his sticky body from the sun and the sand, probably smelling like a can of tuna, and took photographs with some more fans. Or when they stopped shows for injured fans… or when they get injured fans on stage because they were nearly squashed to death.

Are we still not there yet? Okay, let me jump start some more memories… Did you forget when they met up with a group of winning fans in Mexico, in New York, in Australia and Europe? Did you also forget when you could hunt for upgrades to your tickets at designated locations?

The world is 50% effort, 49% chance and 1% being on the right place at the right time! All of those conspire together to grant you wishes. That’s the magic formula for making wishes come true.Throwing a tantrum like a child at a Walmart store, begging your mom to buy you that toy, its not gonna get you the toy, so you shut your poo poo hole up! You need to actually get up off your ass, play the games, and sign up for shit… That’s what’s exciting about being an Avenged Sevenfold fan! Not whining about what they didn’t do in my country. Not throwing a fit because that one day you waited outside of a hotel and no one came out. Not buying the album, calling yourself a fan, then yet tear up the people who write them because you need them to have an Instagram, or Facebook, and tell you what the heck they had for dinner and where, not because they want you to know they ate Brussels sprouts at Hell’s restaurant, cause those nasty things are good for you, but because they are selling you the place where those nasty Brussels sprouts are from! Nop. Avenged Sevenfold isn’t selling you $200 tickets so you shake their hand, get a mediocre photo, maybe have something signed, a tiny hello and by the time you are figuring what to say back, security be pushing your soul out of your empty casket body.

So please, don’t send me anymore messages complaining about a band taking some time off from putting up shows you are criticizing, an album you basically tore up to shreds, and treatment you didn’t get, because you’re starting to sound wishy washy. With this said, I ain’t posting negativity here. Sorry! I stay with my rainbows, flying deathbats and *fairy dust, fairy dust* to you.

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Tah tah

Ps autocorrect is a bitch!
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I'm really impressed by your ability to handle all the pretty ridiculous hate. Keep up the good work! Btw, love your blog. It's awesome!

Thank you!! ❤️ It’s all about staying positive ~Lorelei

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even Synyster Gates agrees!

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